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The human head is exceptional. It accommodates four of our five senses, encases the brain and boasts the most expressive set of muscles in the body. It connects our inner selves to the outer world more evocatively than any other part of the body. Yet there is a dark side to the head's pre-eminence. Severed is a serious and seriously...

Shortlisted for the Medical Journalists’ Association Open Book Awards 2010.

An Infinity of Things tells the story of one of the largest private collections ever created and the life of the man behind it. Henry Wellcome wanted to document the whole history of human health: the breadth of his vision was matched...

The Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford is one of Britain’s best-loved museums. Its evocative displays have inspired novelists, artists and film-makers. The Pitt Rivers cares for artifacts from every culture and every age. It is a leading centre for research in anthropology and archaeology.

Knowing Things charts the history of this...

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